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Ok i have a working mass object pivot centering but the problem is more involved, there's a lot of really badly designed workflows in Unity which prohibit automation/mass execution, they've done a lot to reduce it but the ghosts are still in there and i wouldn't feel comfortable asking people to go through separate steps, would rather have in a discrete scripted workflow, so i'll have to build an explicit splitter to create the assets and materials so it acts sort of like a tile splitter but for 3d objects. But so far this manual workflow is much faster now, i can export all the objects from a single bulk model with an array of submeshes then use my mesh remapper to set the pivots then your prefab tool and then alter materials, but what would be awesome would be a pallet selector for materials, so you dont just select a model you select geometry and a material, defaulting to the original material. I also need to look at ray casting edge snapping for objects that don't conform to grid, but conform to other models, like pipes etc.

I was thinking about a material painter option, but it would be optional and only paint over an existing material with another. 

Friend me on Discord:  Keith at FSP#5441

We can discuss some of your ideas there