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This game, is a 'deus ex machina', a paradox. It makes playable, unified sense out of two otherwise very distinct genres and furthermore, it reveals deeper truth about both of these genres. Namely, that roguelike games, at their peak, are gardening games - with heavy notion put on 'farming' - and that gardening games, are roguelike strifes.

Unfortunately, the game also suffers from the flaws characteristic to both employed genres - repetitiveness, boredom, lack of purpose, hack-the-win mindset, if we could speak about any 'win' conditions.

The artstyle is reminiscent to some other, contemporary, popular titles, sharing similar perspective, but taking the game is a free-to-play, we may consider it a freebie.

For the technical point, I have come to a moment when I could not plant any more seeds, only loosing them from the inventory when issued an action, without any result in the plantsquare becoming occupied as expected. If there is a limit to how many seeds of given kind could be planted altogether, the game is better off to simply display a message, telling the limit has been worn out.

Further into the game, there were also glitches considering protagonist movement. Sometimes it would not move, sometimes it would chaotically dash in a random direction, until stopped by a map obstacle. Understandably, that is rather an issue.