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I think I ran into a weird bug of sorts. I was in the middle of collecting the pinups and unlocking the character gallery when my internet cut off unexpectedly before I could save anything. Now I boot the game back up and not only is the stuff I've collected not showing up but when I try and collect the pinups again they aren't unlocking at all. I don't know what to do fix this or if there's a way to reset my game so I can collect everything properly? Also, the scenes I've unlocked for the gallery are fine, they're still unlocked. It's just the other stuff that I've talked about is just a little finicky. EDIT: Or, they're still unlocked but they're showing up as not found/locked? It's weird. Thanks for reading this!

The pinups are for patrons only at the moment. We forgot to show a message informing players of this in game.

Ah! Gotcha! Sorry for the lengthy message on this then. Have a good one!