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THANK YOU for making this.

Funny thing. I started working on a game with a Japanese fantasy setting using your TF tileset not that long ago (about a month ago). But work quickly came to a halt when I realized I needed time to make some custom tiles to make it more "japan". Now you've eliminated that problem for me.

The timing couldn't have been better, simply amazing. And the tiles are beautiful. As someone who actually lives in Japan, I gotta give it to you, you managed to make more or less everything that's typically needed. Even got the "Buddhist altars" in there (bonus points)!

Only ting I missed was a few more weapons to place as decorations in dojos, besides the katanas.  Something like a naginata (japanese spears) hanging on the wall could've been cool. But I guess I can make those myself. ;) You've eliminated so much work for me already.