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There's a lot to love about this game. There's guns a jokey attitude towards a seeming apocalypse, lotsa zombies and a system that lets you level up your shooting abilities!

So. Much. To. Love.

I have a few minor whines though, like some of the grammar being a bit off, which makes it hard to interpret some of the dialogue (and I know that's something that's easily remedied). I'm a bit perturbed by the zombies in the next room being able to pretty much jump you as you're getting ready to go to their domain too, but I also appreciate that that adds to the aesthetic!

On the whole this was a joyous experience that I can't wait to play more of, and I think you should all give it a whirl too! As for the devs, I urge you to keep plugging away at this hunka zombie fun! =)


Thank you for giving us a feedback. I enjoyed watching your play through. Seems like you are playing our slightly older build in the play through. 

Just a minor tips. Try to use more dodge and bombs during boss fights. Notice that you have not figured out the keys yet. This also inspired me to add some tips before entered the boss room. We'll work on that ASAP.


I probably was playing an older build since I record vids way in advance (about a week or so), and I can see that there was an updated version released a couple days back! Good to know there's still lots of progress being made though =)

I definitely used more dodging techniques when I fought the second boss, once I figured out how useful rolling was haha! I did get to the end of the current demo, but I'll be checking back in for more updates in the future!

Great to hear that.

We are adding some additional tutorials to educate users on how to use roll and bombs earlier on. Team was too busy working on the actual build and didn't expects that most users can't be able to remembers all buttons from the first scene.

If you need to access the button layouts, you can see that from the "PAUSE" menu. There's actually a switch weapon button as well since you've mentioned about that in  your video.

More content will come soon.