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hello. i have some suggiestions if you want(that are inspired by the roman empire): first, legioners, they have an helmet that is not like the useol helmat,have heavy armor and boots and all of the armor and an spata(an sword that is roman). secend, centrion: have an red feather helmat, an armored horse (and all of the armor) and have a new waepon( that you hopely put) the spata(its like an sword). if you dont listion to me, then atleast thank you for seeing this.(im sorry for my writing mistakes, im not naiteve english.)

also, i have that bug all the time that when i put like more then 100 units in total, its not letting me put anything else, i cant save, or start the battle

There is no limit. Maybe your computer is too weak?

no way... if it can hold 3 battlefields AND still have plenty of storage i think its VERY strong

Thank you for your suggestions, we will see what I will add from it.

thank you, but the helmat that i speak about is very good