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Thanks! I was actually thinking about having each door/matching key combo make a unique sound so you don't have to just rely on colors. The keys always respawn in a random position when you drop them. I'll go back into the game and do some more testing with this and make sure they aren't actually vanishing from existence lol. A few friends and I have tested this game to Hell and back and still keep finding little hiccups, so it isn't unlikely.

Also, you're sort of right. I didn't make it quite for YouTubers. My mindset was to make a game that I was craving. A game that I wanted to play, so I did! I just happened to have been a YouTuber for forever lol. The original idea of the game was to be an arcade-style challenge horror game with a mix of mechanics similar to the classics. Slender, FNAF, Granny, etc. so you're right there too! A lot of the guts of the game is inspired by harder short horror games like those.

Edit: OH! The key respawning in a random place thing was to avoid the player getting an idea to just hoard all keys by the exit. That defeats the whole purpose! They just respawn in any random spawnpoint they would've spawned in originally upon being dropped.

Thanks for the review!