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Wow man, amazing ideas again!

I really, really like all of your boss ideas. I really do!

And in regards to people helping you: my plan since the beginning in 2017 has actually been to have NPCs in villages you can hire for a dungeon or two with gold coins :) So that will probably happen :D


Thanks. Its nice to be able to put forth useful game ideas again :)

Yeah, I like that idea about developing a favorite NPC helper (maybe just default it to whoever the player uses the most) and then having them captured or killed. When I play Skyrim and my long time helper Lydia gets killed I get pissed even though I can just resurrect her with a saved game so I figure a long time helper getting captured or killed might be a decent motivation to play and save them or get revenge ;) Just an idea through. The plotline can take many forms especially with an infinite game.