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Many thanks for your kind words and your support, I'm really glad you liked the concept enough to make videos about the game. This is great to see you find it inspiring. And your audio comments are very helpful, seeing how you play and react, what the game means for you, this is invaluable feedback for me :)

Also, maybe you've already found it, but there's a somewhat secret (yet quite easy to find) way to navigate between levels that works a bit like a warp zone. This may help if you don't want to do the whole trip from start every time.

I have found the warp zone :) Can I assume that the white squares are levels I haven't visited yet? Or is there any other way that I can easily identify new levels? The video has been well received so it will return as a ongoing series which is why I am asking.

Great to hear you're going to make a series :) Well, if you look around, you'll notice there are twelve "branches", one per month. Each light will lead you to the Monday level of each week. I'll add one light on every Monday. Currently, when the game starts, you're automatically sent to the latest level. Going forward will loop to the the title screen, but if you go backward, you can walk through the past levels in reverse order. Also, you may not have noticed this yet, but each day of the week has its own colors. I hope it helps. Thanks again for your interest!

That explanation will help me a lot, thank you:)