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The concept seemed so intriguing to me and I was right. I absolutely love the concept of this game and I had so much fun playing it. Losing control of your bladder or even the ability to read adds a difficulty on top of the declining health and your abilities becoming less powerful. Overall great game and I enjoyed the shit out of it.

Absolutely loved the concept and game although I wasn't able to complete the pencil puzzles. I don't know if I missed something or my timing was just off. Regardless I loved it :)

In the end the choice of escape was just an illusion. Really liked the game and it's weirdness :)

Just discovered this game a little while ago and though there are some bugs in the game I still had a great time :)

Had A great time in this game :) I also figured out you could rotate the camera after the video was done so ignore that xD

It was a lot of fun and I could see clear influences from Limbo and Inside. It definitely kept me entertained all the way till the end :)

A short game with a very interesting mechanic! I had a lot of fun playing this :)

It is such a shame that the development of this game has stopped! I had such a blast playing it and it's just the perfect balance between strategy and survival that I love :D

That explanation will help me a lot, thank you:)

I think I haven't prayed enough to rngesus to play this game. But I still had a lot of fun and will certainly mess around with it in my spare time. I also played it for my channel if you don't mind :)

I have found the warp zone :) Can I assume that the white squares are levels I haven't visited yet? Or is there any other way that I can easily identify new levels? The video has been well received so it will return as a ongoing series which is why I am asking.

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I have a lot of respect for you taking on a project like this! I took the liberty to play it for my channel and depending on my community's feedback, it might become a recurring series as I join you on this road you are creating :)

I was so bumped out when I found out the game was pretty short, cause it seems like such an amazing concept. I absolutely loved the experience and can't wait to visit this game again later in it's development cycle :)

Great concept and an interesting way of fighting. I took me a while to get used to, but after an hour of just recognizing patterns I finally beat all three of them :D Will be looking forward to seeing the bigger release on steam!

It was a lot of fun figuring out what all the buttons did and I totally loved the dinosaurs and the animations of them! Thank you for making this game :)

It's certainly a very intriguing game and a lot of stuff is happening at the same time, but once I figured out I had some kind of purpose I came to appropriate the game for how it is presented in this demo:)

I had a lot of fun playing it:)

Absolutely had a blast with the game! The story was solid to give me a sense of purpose and it kept introducing enough interesting mechanics all the way till the end to made sure it didn't get repetitive:)

Thank you for making this game!

It It worked so well! I don't know how you guys pulled this off, but it was a blast and had a lot of fun with this game:)

Had a great time playing this game:) Even though there were some minor graphical details that could have been worked on I still had a blast. Also loved the ending!