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New food sprites!

I just added a lot of new food items. There's now 10 junk food (beer, burger, fried chicken, hot dog, pizza, taco, chocolat, donut, fries and wine) and 5 good food (apple, banana, carrot, grapes and strawberry), for a total of 15.

Every match of 3 to 5 items gives you points and increase the progress bar. When it reach 100% it unlock the power up that will clear the item of your choice from the grid. But there's a twist! If you match good food, the progress bar will decrease, because fatso man doesn't like fruits! Think of the progress bar as fatso man's happiness. Also, the power up won't let you choose a fruit. Fatso man will only eat the junk food. So the only way to get rid of those evils fruits is to make a chain of 3 to 5 items... and make fatso man sad!

Next step: create a ton of levels, then play, adjust, re-play, re-adjust, and repeat until I'm almost insane!