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Hi  - thanks for this!!! The zipped file downloaded as opening with internet explorer. When I use WinZip to try to unzip I can see the modernizer rez file but I get access denied dialogue box when I try to unzip.  When I go to Launch and customise the file isn't there to add. Sure its me but can you help please?

Hey there, you have to unpack all the files into your game directory (not just the rez file). I also recommend using 7zip to unpack the files.

If you're getting permission denied you might be trying this on a public computer in which case you might be out of luck! Sorry.

Hope this helps!

Hi  - it works!! Thank you. I now have the Modernizer Rez file in the Custom folder. However as you say the issue is that it does not like other patches. I have the dgvoodoo2 downloads to prevent the black screen when underwater issue, but if I have them in the game folder the game does not launch. If I remove them I cannot see underwater.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a fix?

Dgvoodoo should work with my patch it just might cause low fps with flashlights. 

Have you made sure all the DLLs files included with my patch are also in the game directory? And are you trying to run it at a resolution higher than 1920x1080?