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thanks for answering-

i like the game-but cannot find the  exit

main menu has

new camp/load/save/quick/settings/about

but i do not see exit  -

settings has full screen option-but it does  not seem to effect game

also thought i had bug when i got a 2nd nico

but i guess it is feature to  give multiple merc characters from time to time

> main menu has new camp/load/save/quick/settings/about but i do not see exit  -

Yeah, that looks like a bug. You could try to deselect the full screen setting close the game, then select fullscreen again. That might fix the problem temporarily. Meanwhile, I will be releasing a new bug fixed version soon.

The second, problem with 2 Nicos - that should never happen! Where exactly did the second Nico come from? Is he fighting in your squad or for the enemy?