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Well, I've got at least a few things to say about this game.
First of all, I had encountered 2 major bugs in the game, 

1) If you stay next to a ledge, the camera will keep moving without killing you. Allowing you to scout out the rest of the map. 

2)If you hold right whilst on the right edge of the screen, you can hang onto it and kind of slow fall because of clipping issues.

Onto the actual game itself.  I'm gonna be going into each of the bits of the voting, give a rating, and then explain it.

Overall : 6/10. The game plays well, it's not buggy. However, the other parts stop it from getting anything higher.

Fun : 3/10. This one might be a bit harsh, but, there are multiple issues I found with it. First off, it's less so fun than it is just extremely frustrating, the camera pan is really sluggish in the beginning, the obstacles are huge and your jump is too high to feel safe when jumping to avoid them. When you die, you linger for about 2 seconds before actually respawning, this just makes the game so much longer and more annoying.  I don't really find this enjoyable, and the fun of the game is largely impacted by the sound.

Graphics : 9/10. The graphics are very well made, but it honestly seems like 60% of the time spent on the game was this. They're really nice looking, props to you for that.

Sound : 4/10. The music is good, but there aren't any other sounds, which makes the whole game feel really strange and awkward. Adding sounds is really important.

Innovation : Not sure what I could give you here, but since there aren't really any niche mechanics I won't say anything about it.

The game could have been much better if you had tuned the player controller a bit more, I.E lowering the jump force, added sounds (maybe like Jumps, the arrows being shot, ETC.), fixed the 2 bugs I had mentioned before. I also wanted to state that, without any graphics, (say, everything is just a cube) it wouldn't fit the theme at all.

This might seem REALLY negative, and it kind of is, sorry about that. But I feel like you could've done so much more with it within the time period.

Hey! It´s not negative, all thing what you wrote about is true. To be honest I know about those bugs, but I just didn´t know how to fix them. I have worked in unity and with C# for maybe 2 weeks so for me is still really hard to do this stuff. I was so scared to code that I did more graphics than coding, As you said. If you have any tips how to improve player movements and those bug I would be gratefull if you send me message about it. Thanks for playing and comment!