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Jakub Senkerik

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Hello, not sure why but I cannot open and play your game :/

Hello, you posted only .exe file, so game is not playable.

Overall 4/5 = I liked the game! Everything is clean and easy to play. I got relaxing vibe maybe because of soundtrack. Sometimes was frustrating to defend ship and that same ship was destroyed be a mine at the edge of screen.

Graphics 4/5 = I liked clean pixel art graphics, multiple kinds of boats and monster was cool too.

Sound 4/5 = Sounds were really relaxing, it have that vibe that you are in the middle of ocean and just peacefully help other people.

Innovation 5/5 = I never played anything like that, so for me 5/5. I liked the mechanic.

Fun 3/5 = Great game, but after a few boats you need to constantly wait for spawning another ship. It would be cool to make it harder/more dynamic in time. Or maybe it is and I didn´t play enought.

Hey! It´s not negative, all thing what you wrote about is true. To be honest I know about those bugs, but I just didn´t know how to fix them. I have worked in unity and with C# for maybe 2 weeks so for me is still really hard to do this stuff. I was so scared to code that I did more graphics than coding, As you said. If you have any tips how to improve player movements and those bug I would be gratefull if you send me message about it. Thanks for playing and comment!

Graphics = Clean, simple pixel art graphic, knights are more ghosts to me though

Sound = Quite enjoyed the sound! Good job for that

Innovation = I like turn based games, but in those games you usually need to think and make strategy. Because knights had randomized movements, it was not logical game, it was about when the knight run towards you.

Fun = Because of randomized movement of knights I didn´t really had that good feeling after killing one of the knights. 

Overall = For me this works like concept for game. It have potencial for me, maybe have multiple levels with limited time or limited number of movements. Knights should run from you not towards you. But overall not bad at all! I quite enjoyed it.

*** I was stucked on 54 kills because a knights was stucked in a tile, where he could not move.