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So after the first room I tried everything in the Main Hall (apparently that's where you unlock the next area) with the bell, the armour, the sword, the shield, can't do anything to the "wind", window, or wall. I have a feeling the bell does something, but after trying it with the dog there's nothing. I tried commands like "use" "move" "get" and "open" to no effect. Yeah, I'm stumped and starting to think there maybe a bug in this game preventing something from working, or there's something really hidden that I wouldn't find unless I do something random and illogical.

Yes, you need to unlock the door in the hall to advance. There's an important object there. In order to unlock the door you need to take something in the hall. Maybe something heavy...

Ok, this is weird. I tried it the first, and many times after and nothing happened. Tried it just the next day and then it happened. Yeah, I'm suspecting something going on with the code or something. 

Yes, there was a little bug in my code that was fixed. Sorry for that...