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Before I purchase this fantastic engine, I would like to make some basic questions

- Can the demo / games run on Android

- Is possible to switch the charater sprite

- Have weapon system / slots and how it works

I would pay you for such features, add  me to further discussion


It's a GameMaker:Studio source file, so you can change ALL the sprites. (Note that you need GMS1.4 or GMS2 to be able to use the source files)

If you have the Android port you should be able to run it on Android devices (I haven't tested this, but the engine mostly uses  very basic functionality - the thing I'm the most worried about is the darkness effect in the underground levels, mobile devices usually have very low VRAM so surface effects like that don't always work properly).

There's no built-in functionality for weapon slots, a quick way you could implement this would be to have more "powerup states" that fires different projectiles (the example ones has hammers and fireballs) and add two new buttons that changes your powerup between all the weapons you have unlocked, and then change the health system to use a healthbar instead of the Mario powerup system.


Thanks for the fast and good reply

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