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It's good but, For some reason when I try to give the floor cleaner to the girl at the counter, she just ignores it? I mean, I can't progress as far as that. She just says the same things "I don't like that guy much.." and yeah some other words. How do I just give her the floor cleaner?


I'm sorry to hear you encountered an issue like that! Did you open your inventory (press 'X', select items) and confirm you definitely still had the floor cleaner and not a different item? It's possible the dialogue for handing over the floor cleaner could have gotten skipped somehow

Ah, Sorry for the late response but the problem got fixed. It was indeed a bug, I just had to restart the game

If you can't give her the floor cleaner then it's some bug because the guy thing comes after that. are you talking about the lady who's pretty bored? Then it's not the lady otherwise it's a bug.