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Finally a game that shows some love for petite girls. Altough voluptuous women are a joy to behold, it's always nice to see some other body types being used in games as well (big bewbs are not always the answer).

It will be interesting to see where the development of this game will go. I would love to see a bit more world building in future installments. The chessboard type of map is also a nice idea, as is the time traveling mechanic (even if a bit basic in this version).

Thank you so much for the positive comment. Yes, as someone who is a bit flat chested myself, I tend to create characters who are similar in size, although one of my Level 4 Patreon supporters requested a woman with a larger bra size this month; she's still a smaller girl overall.

It's hard to make petite women without making them look underage, so it's nice to hear when people appreciate my efforts.


I look forward to future versions. Keep up the good work :)