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I was really surprised at the amount of content included here! Several weapons, multiple levels, a boss fight, a complete story. Very well done! If you plan on making any updates, I did have two problems with the game:

1. When I went into the menu (to save) and resumed the game, all the background music/sound was gone. It would only return upon moving to a new level.

2. I found myself running out of ammo a good bit, and not because I was wasting it/missing a lot of shots. There just wasn't enough ammo. I noticed a couple bodies I picked up ammo from, but doing a trample dance over everything I killed rarely actually gave me anything. I resorted to killing my fellow soldiers to harvest their ammo instead. But even with that, I did run through the final level to get to Dr. Edwards.

thanks alot for playing my game ya i cant figure out why the music does that and trust me i spent alot time to try and fix that lol but if iever figure out why it does that i will update if fore sure also i wanted to make the player feel scared with not giving him that much amo but i may have went overkill with it !