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This was a nice installment. I think what you're doing here with this series is super unique and I hope it continues. I have some questions that I'd be glad if you could answer:

  1. I found a rabbit in the Brick Witch's house that was around twice the size of Mochi, who wondered what it was like to be "stuck in animal form all the time". Can you elaborate on this?
  2. Will you release a map of the world at some point? I vaguely remember the names of places, but it's sometimes hard to understand where they are in relation to one another.
  3. Would you permit the creation of derivative works based on, or inspired by this series?

Thanks for reading. I'll be sure to play part 7 the second it releases.


thank you so much! i'm happy to answer:

  1. there are some bookshelves in that room that explain a little--but some animals prefer to stay in animal form all the time, and brickzo's wife is one of them. most consider the human form to be more convenient, which is why that's what we've seen up til now!
  2. hmm i might release a world map at some point, but it's vague even in my head. sorry if that was distracting while you played!
  3. yes, i love fan works! i just ask that you link back to my page somewhere. since i'm a pretty small creator, anything helps.

i should be able to release part 7 sometime next year :) looking forward to making it!

huh... that animal form thing is pretty much how the ones in my story works. thought of it like 2-3 years ago so it's weird to see how the one thing that caused me to write it also has similar animals...

right now it's personal(well if I do decide to release it to the public, I gotta go through like 5 books or almost 1000 pages to check and edit all my shitty grammar from 2 years ago.). I'll just tell you that instead of switching between forms and still being called animals, my version of them are refered to as "hybrids", who are all born as hybrids between humans and animals(and that's how they're able to eat all kinds of raw meat without consequences).