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I have a massage "Chapter 6 coming soon" or something. Is it correct? The story isn't complete yet? 


Hi mif4n!

This is an episodic VN originally hosted on rinmarugames.

Much like a tv show, there will only be season endings, and the game will continue as long as it receives the amount of views needed to host it there.

The next chapter (Chapter 6) will be released mid November and the end of the first season will be released late December.

The second season should start shortly after the season finale. ⭐

Thank you very much for your reply.  :)

I would like to compliment your writing skills. But I cannot fathom the correct words to describe it. Guess that's the reason I'm not making good novels :P Nonetheless, keep up the good work.  You make interesting plots and quite live characters, unlike so many others.

P.S.: Seriously, I'm very bad at complimenting... Sorry.

Thank you soo much for playing and your compliment! =) ❤️❤️❤️