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Pretty fun! Discovered this after GrayStillPlays posted a video of it today. 

Not a whole lot of souls to sort and I got a lot of people doubling up on bio traits, but overall it's a pretty good game. I especially liked the inclusion of NB people, and the texts from Lucifer and God were hilarious. I did find correctly choosing where to send someone a little difficult, as they're kind of subjective, but I think that makes the game more fun. I sent you to hell correctly, but was that for the minion memes or for drunk driving? Could be either really! 

I played it on my PC, but it seems much better suited for mobile, so I'll definitely try that next with the apk file. I think this would be a fun and short time waster if you're in a waiting room or something. 

Well, what do you do with Laika (the dog)?

Ya ever hear the phrase "all dogs go to heaven"?