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so I checked it out, I didnt get anything about an update though but I loaded it up, and at first I saw the big arrow then it loaded for a good minute but it went to the menu with the big arrow again, its weird...wondering if its a mac problem

edit: sorry I was late on that

Wait, you using Mac? Now It's kinda really awkward.  I was thinking about Linux version. I'm sorry. I did reupload mac version. ._.

Ok lemme try again when I get the chance

YOU HAVE DONE IT! The arrow problem is no more, currently have made my character and am waiting for the game to load, although I admit it's taking  awhile

ok seems that was hurdle 1 though cause uh well it was on the loading screen for quite awhile before I decided to use the arrow keys, to which I heard footsteps but it was on the loading screen still

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has this been a problem before? I feel mac just...yeah lol, its hard to work with so sorry for uh any inconvienances 

edit: I just realized (this might be obvious so sorry if it is) this might be connected to that glitch before where when I pressed done it just placed me in that room instead of doing whatever its supposed to do, so it might be the same glitch except it says loading on the screen