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I couldn't seem to find it, although I think I was gonna wait for it on anyway, just for convenience. 

the game won't start for me. Every time I press new game it says error or something.

I can't seem to find any work or jobs to do in the game? Any tips?

do get some rest, it seems like you have been pumping out lots of updates and such. Don't overwork yourself.

oh misread what you said. Sure I could try right now.

I'll definitely get to it when I can. Also, thank you.

might it be released on mac anytime in the future?

Will there ever be a mac port? 

whenever I try to expand the file it says something like "there is no such file in directory" and I am unable to play because of it. Any way to fix this?

thank you 

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Thank you for the reply! I'll see if it works, if not it's fine. I enjoy the game either way

so my laptop can run the game but just barely it seems. It lags a decent amount and so I am wondering if there is anything I can do to make it run better?

how come there isn't a free mac version?

Ok, well if it happens cool, if not oh well. Thank you for answering!

might it ever be on mac?

it is just saying when it was last updated, not that it is the last update.

works well! On another note, the game animations are pretty smooth, nice work.

is it possible that this will come to mac?

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question, do old saves work with this new update? 

edit: yes they do. Also anyone know how to get the green apron? Can't seem to find it.

is it possible that it will come to another platform such as mac?


will there be a mac release?

might this ever come to mac?

like it says I have one sp and can spend it so I try to spend it on something like lets say +5 allure so I click that but when I press ok, the allure doesn't go up. When I click back to sp it is just selected on the +5 allure and...yeah

I know that but how do I actually use the sp

How do I use my sp, I am trying to spend it but it doesn't seem to be working. 

the game doesn't seem to want to launch, know anyway to fix this?

how do you get the alley scene?

how does one get to the new areas and enemies?

might this ever come to mac?

might this game ever come to mac?

what is new in the new version?

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is there a changelog for the update. Also will the downloading ever change so I would be able to download it on the itch client because currently it only allows me to download it from the website

uh do you happen to know how to actually get it working on mac. Downloaded it and I can't seem to find out where to open the game from or how to open it. The game.exe (usually how games are opened on mac I think) doesnt seem to work.

Might other platforms such as mac ever be available in the future? Just wondering

how do I get this to work on mac?