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will there be a mac release?

might this ever come to mac?

like it says I have one sp and can spend it so I try to spend it on something like lets say +5 allure so I click that but when I press ok, the allure doesn't go up. When I click back to sp it is just selected on the +5 allure and...yeah

I know that but how do I actually use the sp

How do I use my sp, I am trying to spend it but it doesn't seem to be working. 

the game doesn't seem to want to launch, know anyway to fix this?

how do you get the alley scene?

how does one get to the new areas and enemies?

might this ever come to mac?

might this game ever come to mac?

what is new in the new version?

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is there a changelog for the update. Also will the downloading ever change so I would be able to download it on the itch client because currently it only allows me to download it from the website

uh do you happen to know how to actually get it working on mac. Downloaded it and I can't seem to find out where to open the game from or how to open it. The game.exe (usually how games are opened on mac I think) doesnt seem to work.

Might other platforms such as mac ever be available in the future? Just wondering

how do I get this to work on mac?

nice, cant wait to see it. 

Fleshcult community · Created a new topic platforms

Is it possible that this might ever come to another platform such as mac?

when I try to download the game on the itch client there is no game to download.

that....was....very interesting. Very different type of porn game because it actually encourages you to avoid enemies because they blue ball you instead of giving you scenes. Cool.

wait there is no mac version now? I swore originally there was. Jeez this is the second game I have seen do this

Imma assume when your asking the app your asking for the one. To answer that if you look up there is an app you can download off the browser and basically you can use through the app and download things but sometimes with certain games when you click install and it shows what file is going to what place on your computer it, there is sometimes no file to download. Such is the case here. Also my platform is mac

thought it was only me, yeah it's weird

I did the barkery, and ah I have reset like 3 times I must be blind lol

Wait, what was the lynx again, I thought it was the deer thing I still seem to have it. Or is the lynx something else

is there no longer a mac version? I dont seem to be getting the updates or anything

I think its really good so far, cant wait to see what becomes of it.

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does anyone know how to get to the crystal cave? actually scratch that, what do you do after the main quests and the angelina side quests, cant seem to find anything.

was the update only for the lynx removal?

there doesnt seem to be a way to download it, is this an itch client problem?

not bad, it is sorta bare bones but you have explained why so its good for what it is

I noticed the old version was on mac, why isnt this one too?

oh meant to say saw him play it.

So I saw this youtuber (horheristo) and I am interested to say the least....but unfortunately I am on mac. Might this ever come to other platforms?

so...its a bit past march? XD

Let me know how that goes