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That's fine, I do have an android

with this come to other platforms such as mac?

thank you, also didn't realize it was on steam

same here 

Whenever I download the game, right when its about to finish it stops, resets the download progress and disappears as if it downloaded but it didn't 

is the game still active and being updated?

for the newest update (I'm on android) it won't stage the app for the game, so it downloaded but the app wont show up cause it cant stage it, also it's taking the storage of my phone even once its deleted

for me it simply will download but it wont stage the app so I can have it as one

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anyone know how to get to or get the lupa? Never seen it before or anything or even knew about it until I looked at the pervert section, same for the mouth fiend

ah that makes sense, glad it has arrived at steam, the censorship hell lol

Well I'm glad you tried at least, thank you for responding. 

I see...due to how the game is I expected the mobile answer, even if mac takes awhile I'm glad it might be in the works. Thank you for being responsive 

how often do updates happen?

is the game any closer to something connecting it to mac like unity?

so uh, the thing changed and we are getting a steam version soon, is it gonna get an update with it? I thought it wasnt finished?

is there anyway that this game might soon become more friendly to other platforms such as mac and maybe mobile while mobile seems less likely.  It seems like a cool game so I hope it is possible.

I have read and heard alot about the bunny encounter but for some reason I have not been able to see it or anything, I am wondering what you have to do to get to that if someone could tell me or give me some info on it. 

for some reason I cant even open the game, it says error and that I can open it in files

welp I am stupid I didnt realize the slime was new lol

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how does one get to the new area with the new enemy?

edit: also saw something about double jumping and other stuff, but I cant seem to do any of it....oh nevermind damn after exploring everything really goes full loop lol props on the level design

so I seem to find a glitch, when going for the bad ending, it will send you to that room and all, so in order to get out you have to load a different save, but for me it wont allow me to and it freezes the game when I try and I have to keep resetting the game to be stuck in that room

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is there any update log for the new update?

edit: nevermind

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how does one get that shiky handjob scene, my affection seems pretty high already

edit: (nevermind, and made a mistake the first time if you know what I mean)

So I am wondering, I did ask this before but I guess I just am confirming. The way that updates are done is you will do alot of stuff and build updates and extra stuff to then release it once it piles up for a bigger update right? I am sorta slow lol sorry

Yay, cool. Thank you!

is a mac version something that could happen in the future?

is a mac version possible?

can we get a mac version?

finally got to play it and I do enjoy it, just minor things though, cant seem to find a way to use potions in my inventory, rather than that its pretty fun, also the lewd scenes seem a bit long too

Ah ok, well I'm glad that it will come at sometime to no time, thank you!

finally got to play the game, I feel obviosuly since its early it lacks certain things but as far as fully developed I feel it will be amazing, hope the progress for it continues

so.....I feel stupid...I found out how to open it, go to the files of the game, click on the java thing and it opens the game. Christ lol it was simple

question where would someone download the stuff needed to open it like JDK and winrar 

would this game ever come to a platform such as mac anytime soon?

played it and finished all it has so far, I feel its a pretty good start to it, puzzles it had weren't too bad and the enemies made you think a lil, good job!

I cant seem to even open the game, says a error has occured or something..most likely cause mac


actually, I was actually gonna ask about that, how often are updates?

Thank you!