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So much fun! After the first play through I realized this would be a perfect speed-running game so I've been playing it over and over again. Got my time down to around 2:56:12 after my 5th or 6th run. I'll keep updates on this. Hopefully I'll get it down to 2:20 and maybe 2:00.

EDIT: I got 2:46:84

EDIT: I GOT 2:18:69!!! I know 2:00:00 is possible; needs a 0 death play-through though.

2 hours or 2 minutes? 0:

LMAO 2 Minutes. I'm at (roughly) 2:18 right now, mainly because I found a bunch of shortcuts thanks to the wall jump mechanic. Hopefully I'll get it down to ~2 min. this weekend.

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This is pretty cool! you should record it! and also I have to update this build. between today and tomorrow I'll implement some hotfixes.

O_O There's a physics bug that makes you fall like 3x faster. Haven't figured out how to exploit it, but you might wanna look into that. Happens when I walljump/fall.

Indeed, wall climbing should be more polished with the hotfix I'm going to implement today!

Update implemented!

Code red .exe 4.0:

More smoothly movement in-aire since I reduced the gravity, instant wall climbing without delays and weirds glitchy things, so now it should be just fine.

Thanks for staying tuned with the game!