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Hey I am playing the mac version of this game and i can't seem to get past the first night of rest. Is there some thing that I am doing wrong? Looks like a really fun game that I look forward to playing.

Thanks for letting me know. What does it say on the Calender, day 0 Sunday or Day 1 Monday? And what happens when you press the Leave Room button in lower left of room screen? Just did a play through and wasn't able to duplicate that issue.

On the calendar its day 0. pressing the leave room button says im too tired (which seems to be a story thing). i tried redownloading it but the issue still stands :/

goes to night time with the castle and lights but it just stays there, i cant open the menu and try to escape or anything

Ok thanks, sounds like there is an issue with the auto-save system.. Sorry to trouble you but can you answer these questions?
- Are you using the Itchio app?
- Or do you have the game files on your computer?
- Are you getting a .sav file in the game folder when the game gets stuck?

Hey made a custom No Auto Save build of Faulty Apprentice Mac demo for you, hopefully that will help!

Thanks you! I just started playing and I have been having loads of fun! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with next!

WOOO!! Thanks for bearing with me, glad the no auto save version is working for you, cheers!

I purchased the NSFW version, but am having the same issues. I've played the version you have listed here, but was curious if I could get a copy of the one I paid for. Really enjoying the game so far!

Damn, that sucks man. Can you answer these for me? I am trying to find root of problem (would be nice to keep autosave feature).

- Are you playing Mac version of FA?

- Are you using the Itchio app?

- Do you have the game files on your computer? Or are you playing via a USB drive?

- Are you getting a .sav file in the game folder when the game gets stuck?

Either way I'll get you sorted out! Email me at AGLstudioArt@gmail.com with the same email you used to purchase so I can confirm it. Glad you dig the game so far and thanks for your patience!