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Just wanted to say I have just checked out your assets and have a comment and a question. The pack is good quality and I have noticed looking through then that they look kinda similar in design to what RPGMaker uses. So my question is, Can they be used in RPG Maker as well as Unity?

Thank you for your comment!
I will answer your question.

Part of this tileset is conscious of the format of the RPG Maker, so I think it can be used in the RPG Maker.
In addition, there are no usage restrictions for RPG Maker and other game engines.

That's good to know. Because I want to use them in the classes that I am starting at the Boys & Girls Club here in the town I live in. I will make sure that any games will have a credit for you and your site here. And would it be okay if I linked your site on both my youtube channel, but a couple of other websites that I manage?

That's great!
I am honored to be of help to my children's class.
I am also thankful that you write the credit.

There is no problem with the link to my site.
Thank you!