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seems like what could be a really good atmospheric game, but i cannot get on with the controls :/. maybe its cus i dont play a lot of video games or because my computer lags but moving around / locking on to interact with an object is really annoying. im walking through this trailer park (faar too slowly) like a crab because moving the mouse makes it even slower, checking every damn oven to see if theres something in, and there isnt even anything in any of them. cant tell what im supposed to do next. need to find something to break into one of the doors of the motel? i gave up after an hour of wandering around aimlessly :'(

really wish i could enjoy this but navigating is jus too frustrating

Talking to the NPCs will give you an idea of where to go. Start at the guy at the bus stop or talk to the man in the diner. If you have the camera, the pictures on the ground are indicators of the general location, if you hold your camera up, you can see the "spots" to take pictures of. I'm sorry you're having problems with it but, thanks for giving it a shot.