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Hey, I tried it on my windows machine. I didn't end up getting any crashes. Are you using the latest build of Apolysis? Either the standalone or the newest demo disk.

Hi! Sorry you're having an issue with Apolysis. What OS are you running the game on?

These should all be safe to stream. Heed the content warnings in regards to whether the game might be a good fit for your stream or not. 

These are not PlayStation games, these are in the style/inspired by the PlayStation. They are for the PC.


I played this recently, and had a ton of fun with it. It's very well thought out and allows you to play as a fun futuristic trans sky pirate. It was incredibly enjoyable as a transwoman to play as a trans character in this setting. It also provides a cool opportunity for cis identifying folks to roleplay trans characters themselves and explore these themes. I'm looking forward to playing this again with some friends in the near future! 

Yeah. Not actively, but I want to return to this. I'll have to post an update.

The stairs have been a real bugbear for me. If you hit Q you can set the camera into first person. If you have to restart, from the start screen hit F6 and it'll send you back to that scene.

This means a lot to me. Thank you for playing. <3

This game is absolutely wonderful. Nails the Myst aesthetic while also being endearingly weird.

If you feel like trying to replay, check download the latest version of the game. I fixed the collision issue there

The game is intended to be played in third person, the first person mode is mostly for looking around the scene. This is working how I intended it. Thank you for the feedback! :)

Thank you for trying my game! I'm hoping to come back to it soon and give it a little more polish. The music box is just a neat little thing, does nothing but atmosphere. Room 6 is locked up but you can peek through the planks. The items are def something I want to fix.

Thanks for playing my game! One ending happens if you go through the factory in the "nightmare" world. Through the factory, then blink and you can use the bed to go back to sleep. Leaving will activate the other ending.

I don't have a release date for it yet.

I don't need any beta testers but, thank you for offering!

Talking to the NPCs will give you an idea of where to go. Start at the guy at the bus stop or talk to the man in the diner. If you have the camera, the pictures on the ground are indicators of the general location, if you hold your camera up, you can see the "spots" to take pictures of. I'm sorry you're having problems with it but, thanks for giving it a shot.

What a wonderfully strange and unsettling experience.

Went in totally blind, came out very uncomfortable. I thought this was very effective and the design is pretty wonderful and disturbing.