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What a delightful little experience this was. Right up my old school, retro point and click alley!

I jumped into the world of Fran and Bernard head first, and the aesthetics of the game really set the tone well. It can be really hard to convey relationships between characters in such a short timeframe but I really felt a camaraderie between the two!

The story is very intriguing too, which is, y'know, kinda vital in an adventure game like this one! Finding the words within the computer was kind of challenging, but once you get one link the others follow pretty quickly if you keep your thinking cap on! That's going to be a really cool gameplay feature and I hope we see more of it! But I also hope we see more old school point and click style gaming too, mixing objects to solve puzzles and that kind of thing.

Anyways, this was great! Hope you keep plugging away at the production, and I hope more people dive in and give it a go too. It's definitely worth a look, retro point and click fans! =)