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No there isn't a detailed guide. People say Tocchan is the hardest for some reason and I don't really understand why after beating his route for the first time though tbh. It's not very difficult, at least in hindsight, though I haven't replayed in months.

The above link is supremely helpful. 

Visit Tocchan in the park, at the market/grocery store, etc. as often as you can. 

Call him often. On dates, wear the type of clothes that he likes and touch him in the correct areas and give him the right gifts. But don't slack on auditions and raising your stats in the meantime, do all the above steps again and again until you hit the Lovers status. The quickest I've ever got him to admit to liking MC is in April, game time wise, I believe; for the best ending, wait for him to come to the realization he loves MC without any prodding. 

Getting certain CGs unlocked and triggering certain moments requires you to be a seme the entire playthrough or an uke the entire playthrough. Above all, don't get discouraged. If you missed the aquarium date, I'd go back to a previous save file and try again. 

I'm replaying the game again to see if I can help you, but if you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask <3