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Thanks so much for your interest! This story is definitely a short look into 080's life and how she grew up, but the world is expanded upon in my other WIP game, Arena Circus, which features 080 as a prominent character and love interest. That is a deep dive into the world and it's currently at over 100,000 words, with 3/6 chapters complete and the 4th on its way early next year. I'll also eventually be redrawing/commissioning new assets since it's been in production for about 8 years now and my art style has obviously changed. 

If you're interested in learning more about the world once this game is over, you can!

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Wow, this is awesome that there is so much more behind this.

I'm very intrigued by authors who not only manage to give whatever their imagination can come up with some kind of consistency over time, over places and in every character, but also to convey this "wholesomeness" to their readers. It's one thing to write a VN as mere support to a collection of CGs with a couple Yes/No choices, and another one to get it working as something believable *and* enticing in *my* mind, through *your* words.

I will make it no secret that I really dig the description you've made of your game here, since it contains a lot of what I enjoy when immersing myself in a character, following her evolution through life (in a believable, interesting and challenging setting), starting small but growing in adversity, suffering but also going through some happy times hopefully, nudging her in the right direction if possible, and of course some Yuri/romancing goodness.

I really want to play your other game now, and will definitely be following your endeavours with this new work and play it too! My first impression is that the ever-curious in me will feel disappointed if the adventure stops too soon, but I may also be wrong. Only one way to find out I guess ^.^

Sending you a small token of my appreciation through your other game page. Please have a nice and sunny day.


Thanks so much for your support! I totally agree with you, and I really enjoy creating stories and characters that can come to life and really leave an impression on people. I hope you enjoy Arena Circus and this prequel of sorts once it's complete!