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whew... that was an intense read. but it was a really good one! thank you for this. i commend you for your bravery to open up about your experiences.

this blends a lot of different things that i'm drawn to. interactive fiction, literary analysis and character studies of problematic media/characters, and hearing other people's experiences. while i don't have a history with being raised religious, i did grow up with media telling me certain things were wrong or invalid or didn't matter, so in a way, speaking as a non-binary person who's struggled with feelings like yours in terms of gender identity and presentation and sexuality and feeling like i'm not appealing because i'm a certain way and because of my past... i really related to your story. and it introduced me to a vn that i'd heard about in passing through folding ideas' 50 shades videos that i didn't know much about!

i really enjoy your analysis of ladykiller, and honestly your writing was very engaging. those messages at the end were also really important, and i'd like to thank you for that, too. i really enjoyed this.

Thanks so much for playing!  I'm glad it appealed to you, and that it spoke to you. <3