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Your tumblr page i have been visit it, and all of them i have to downlad it, in totaly, i have 52 gif from your art. I'm very like it, and my characteristics is the collector.

Actualy, in your page (tumblr) it just have small of you have, i know that. So i find any your art from another pages. I get it, but i know it's not all from you have. XD

Yea they started banning porn. I don't know where else I can share them. I am thinking about trying Twitter next month.

after me search website "can add porn picture", i have 4 suggest:

1. Sex_com

2. PornHub_com

3. XHamster_com

4. Danbooru_donmai_us

Note: _ (underscore) = . (dot)

Yes, you can try it (twitter).