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I had no idea what was going on but I enjoyed it none the less

Thank you for the video, but (as it says on the tin) "Boy and Girl is a five episodes collection of short comics about a boy and a girl."
So... it's not really a "game".
If you want to play some other game in the same vein, let me suggest you to take a look at my itchio page here: https://approductions.itch.io/

In particular:
-In Memory of the Eternity : https://approductions.itch.io/in-memory-of-the-eternity

-Sleepthrough : https://approductions.itch.io/sleepthrough

-Better Than The Rest : https://approductions.itch.io/better-than-the-rest

Anyway, there are also text-driven games like "Widemare", "That Spongy Thing On Your Tongue" and "Five Minutes A Day".
There's a lot to play over ther. Just try 'em all, they're all free! ;)