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Hey, I got it to work. Unfortunately, my pc couldn't handle it for long. Here's my review of what I did get to play.

The game starts with a choice between easy and hard, no normal. I chose hard because I figured I wouldn't be able to enjoy easy at my skill level, though hard was an intimidating choice as I don't know how hard  "hard" really is. The game also lets you skip the introduction if you want. I chose to watch it. 

As far as prologue/introductions go, it was done well. The introduction wasn't explaining the world or the characters or the story, it was the story. So, good intro. The actual starting scene, which had the same characters, could use some work. The characters speak with good emotion, and have some differing facial expressions, but their physical avatars in the game are doing nothing. NOTHING! You can do better than that. The same way you displayed emotion in their voice and picture, you can have the characters in game bodies be emotional and move around and react as well.

When the character got up to move around, it became more apparent that the game was lagging. My pc isn't up to par as far as gamers go, and probably due to that, the scene started suffering big slowdowns. I feel that the scene was just a bit longer than a starting scene should be, as far as games that don't have huge budgets go, and the slowdown only made that worse. 

I loved all the customization options, and all the preference choices but even though I turned always sprint on, the character was moving way too slowly. Getting through the entire house was a chore at that speed and I was hoping for it to speed up once I got outside.

I did the tutorial battle, which didn't go too slowly, and I noted one interesting thing there. You had the "skill" choice located at the bottom of the selections. Although I could scroll up and wrap around to the bottom, that made me wonder if the skills weren't something that was going to be used often. Instead, attack and guard were the most easily accessible options. 

After the tutorial, the character mentioned that they were afraid of heights. I love that! You were weaving information about the character into the game as it progressed, so I as the audience was learning more about him as I played rather than learning everything there is to know about him at once. The mystical objects in the game also had in world/lore explanations for existing. I also loved this, because it made everything seemed like it really belonged and that it was it's own world rather than a computer program. I'm not sure if I agree with the music choice for the start, though. It was too much like skygazing/chill night relaxation for me.

Going outside of the house threw my computer into the mud. It slowed down SO MUCH! I can only guess that this was because of all the effects. The effects were awesome to look at but they were probably what ate up all of my RAM. Not a big fan of that, though it looks good. 

The writing needed to be cleaned up. I know it's a translation, but an editor needs to hit that text, hard! I also think that the text could use more space breaks, between sentences, to control the pacing and give it more oomph as you read. 

For improvements I would say, if you could find a way to reduce the RAM that's being eaten up, that would be the best thing you could do (then I could play more of the game.) Next would be to add emotion to character avatars as they talk, have their actual bodies do stuff. Also, let the character sprint faster! Please! I'm not sure if that's a problem on better pc's but he moved so slow, does he walk through the whole start? I can be impatient but really I just wanted to get to more of the game! Also, get the dialogue cleaned up.

Even though I didn't get to play everything, I hope my review helps, if even a little!