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i've just finished the whole game and wow. words cannot express. i loved it so so much!!

sadly i can't gush about my favourite route as it's probably a spoiler. but you might know which one i mean. i loved it and them so much like it was honestly just. amazing.

thank you for making such a wonderful game! very few games can mess with my mind the way yours did and still not leave me completely confused. aside from a few grammatical errors, it was absolutely perfect in my opinion. some of the routes and choices were hard to figure out, but i'm putting that down to me and my way of thinking more than anything else.

i hope you make more games like this that i can enjoy in the future!

Thank you kindly for the feedback! ^^ I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the game so much! (And it's always a joy hearing someone enjoyed "that" route. ^^) We'd love to have you on-board with our future projects, as well!