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Okay, so I just bought this on Steam, VR version. Congratulations to the developer. So few environments in VR and yet its exactly what VR is made for. I love the environment, the detail and the atmosphere. I left a review on Steam and I definitely recommend that people should try it. Unfortunately the detail only comes into play when you are very close to the objects (ie trees etc). Now I understand the need to maintain frame rates, but I would love to have some control over how far away objects have to be before they are rendered. At present it really takes away from the beauty of your environment. If at all possible can this this be made user adjustable? I'm also delighted to see that your other environments will be coming to VR. Can't wait. And again, thanks for this piece of art.


I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for leaving the steam review! I included some draw distance settings in the menu but unfortunatley it's only available on oculus. because the trees have so many polygons I have to make the view distance pretty short by default. but thanks for playing and i'm happy you came across my game!