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Its really good, i think there is lots of potential in it but i think some tweaks here and there could improve it a lot

-increase font height by one pixel (most minor detail not really necesary but i really don't see it breaking anything there is plenty of space left on the screen)

-increase overworld move speed (i dunno if it is that slow due to generation times if it isn't i think the character moving faster would make traveling more pleasant)

-add some way for the player to be able to tell which room borders lead to another room, while on a cave i was constantly getting to borders and they would lead nowhere which was kinda frustrating since the character moves quite slow

-the game crashed while i was raiding a orc camp

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Thanks a lot for the thorough critique!

One problem with increasing the font height is because it's grid based that the bottom row would collide with the top pixels of the next line :/

The overworld speed is indeed slow, I will increase it!

Yup, the room border thing haha. I don't have any idea how to do it tho, because visual indicators would seem unnatural. Any ideas?

When did the game crash exactly? After you hit a monster or what?

EDIT: I just fixed the movement speed on the world map. 2x was too fast, so now it's about 1.5x. Seems better to me. I also fixed the room tile borders not aligning. Now you can always tell! :) It will all be in the next update on Saturday probably