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How do get money to give Niobe to get Bob into trouble

Please help me out


Hi, the first thing you should do is not lend money to co-workers because they are not going to pay. Talk to Shawn at entertainment department. He has side job for you to do which can earn you up to $2500. You should complete murder in the office objective by getting Juan arrested. Katherine will reward you $500 for that & she will give objectives to find thief & spy in the office which will earn you money if you complete it. Sofia will reward $1000 if you can earn her trust. You need to find her secret which you can get from Britney. You need to make a choice to keep secret of her stealing stuff from co-worker before she can reveal the secret. You can search trash bins in condominium, flat or apartment for a chance to find porn magazine which you can then recycle it at pawn shop for cash. You can also play lottery at pawn shop but you need to spend several hours before you can turn profit.