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HEY so I played this game a short while ago and ITS SO GOOD oMGGgg, The series as a whole is genuinely one of my favourites I've seen recently!!!! Even tho this game came out like, quite a while ago; im really REALLY glad i found it!!!


Aw, thank you so much!

Yes, this game is quite old but I still think it's a super fun part of the series over all because you just get to see how long lasting the love between these two is and it's SO?!?! Oh I still love it and I'm so honored you'd play it and check out the other parts of the series too! THANK YOU!

I read a few of the comic pieces and AAaaA its so good!!! keep up the great work!!!! Can't wait for more of this series / franchise thing lol

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THANK YOU!!! I'll have lots of updates to the new game in 2020!