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I 100% agree with FartingRainbows review, Outstanding animation and visuals, great music(did Rob Colton give you the music himself, good on you if you made it yourself), it wasn't hard for me to read and play(though I also read subtitles and watch movie multitasking), however I got the right rhythm and change in rhythm so I didn't get to read them before the next one popped up.

If I had to make one change I just wish there was a kind of movie mode that you could unlock after finishing the game, and if people knew about the movie unlock (maybe the how to play screen tells them.) then maybe they don't focus on the dialogue on the first go through and then read it in the movie unlock.

Also I loved the first dialogue line about his "Red giant"

P.S. I also thought Razix was best boi and seeing this game was, for lack of a better term, a god send.

Hey Bullfrog! eeron gave me permission to use Razix's theme.  I will keep the movie mode in mind as a possible unlockable once I start designing more complicated gameplay :).