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How's your game progressing?

A topic by No Time To Play created Jun 08, 2017 Views: 539 Replies: 50
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Finally! Finished!

Due to memory restrictions has been imposible to fit the combat mini-game I've had created. Perhaps I will see if I can optimize some things to fit it. So finally the game is about exploration and trading around the Galaxy.

As I said has been funny to program in an environment so restricted that, each line you type, you must think in terms of optimization. I've been doing tricky things to fit all this in memory and also to make things as faster as I can. Using string arrays to store byte numbers instead of declaring number arrays that waste memory. Unwraping loops to make things faster. Caching and precalculating data to speed up local map redraw.

Thanks all for this nice jam!!!


Oh, yay! Now we have two space trading games in the jam! Can't wait to try it out.

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