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Graphic Designer/ GUI Artist looking for team

A topic by HeartCoreDev created Sep 12, 2019 Views: 246
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Hey there!

Graphic designer/ GUI artist looking to join a team for this year's #yurijam (my first #yurijam...or any jam really)

My skills: graphics/screens/dialogue boxes (pro level), idea generating/bouncing person, organizer/manager, art director.

Time zone: EST.

My current (ongoing) project for which I did all the graphics (including Kickstarter assets): Synthetic Lover

Also all the graphics (logo, screens, dialogue boxes, phone interface, kickstarter assets) for 1st Degree

And logo for Chess of Blades

Preference: a sci-fi setting, but others are okay too

Please reach out on Discord Irlana#3411 or by email [at]  :)