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[Devlog] Evergreen is Forevemore Working Title 2D Platformer

A topic by tadpolily created Sep 21, 2017 Views: 156
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This is my first game jam. I don't have any art yet but I do have a basic idea and concept. My goal is to just finish a game so I am focusing on starting out very basic and gradually adding features.

Who: Knight and Elf
What: Monsters
When: Medieval Norse TImes
Where: Magical Forest

2-D side scroller she fights monsters to save elf

The game is loosely inspired by norse mythology. A peasant girl is guided by a forest spirit to rescue elf deep in the forest.
A more advanced description would be: A lonely peasant girl receives nightly visions about an ethereal being calling  out for help. As the
cries increase in frequency, she feels compelled to travel to the forest and find the source...

I'll be writing the game in Lua using the Love2d framework.

I'm also looking for a good 2d side scroller tutorial written using love2d if anyone has any links :)