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Poll, Question - theme?

A topic by Pixel Lifetime created Mar 03, 2017 Views: 277 Replies: 4
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I wanted to show list of themes that were generated and that make some sense :) With "+" they pretty much have a sense :p, without plus they are somewhat weird. And now is the question - what method of picking would you prefer? Online stream of random number for the theme? Pick it by voting (We don't want people who wanted another theme to be disappointed, so it less likely to be the thing) ? Pick the best theme that fit for the game by ourselves (For example, here we prefer number 7)?

1) Best tangible store +
2) Inform noiseless fade
3) Miscreant lie of bucket +
4) Live bore spot
5) Wanted record addition +
6) Grieving cut engine +
7) Damage outstanding rose (Outstanding rose damage) (Rose outstanding damage) +
8) Lamentable pies happen +
9) Repulsive hope care (in a bit negative context: Care! Repulsive hope :( ) (Hope! Care! Repulsive!)
10) Enjoy known suit +
11) Invite sticks use (Sticks invite use) +
12) Hesitant position park (Hesitant park position) +
13) Aromatic classy observation +
14) Cloistered health - dime (Cloistered dime health)
15) Include obedient gloriousness +

Thank you for your feedback !


Sorry, I try to translate the theme in French but I don't really understand. Could you explain in others words please.


If I didn't explain well enough, let me know.


Damage outstanding rose (Outstanding rose damage) (Rose outstanding damage) - 3 possible types that have slightly different meaning. I'm not fluent in French but I will try to find appropriate translation.

  1. Damage outstanding rose
  2. Outstanding rose damage
  3. Rose outstanding damage

Damage (endommagement (it's making harm to something, like losing health when player was hit - player took damage)) ,

outstanding (remarquable, (something unusual and literally = you can't even stand on your legs when you see it because it's so beautiful or cool)),

rose (rose, it's a flower)

For example an idea for the:

1. You have to damage some kind of rose that is so beautiful that all the forest magic plants try to protect it, but you know that it is evil rose and you have to destroy it. Only 1 touch of your sword is enough to make it die and make your village free from evil magic of this rose.

2. This rose is beautiful too, but now it's damage is outstanding, which means that It can destroy you with only a few hits.

3. In this case, you can imagine that every rose in imaginary world has an outstanding (very powerfull) damage that all swordsman use it as a weapon instead of usual sword.


well it's allright :) good luck to everyone