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A piece of interactive fiction about luck.
Submitted by NatalyCreates with 2 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline

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Cool game! I included it in part 8 of my WAG Challenge compilation video series, if you would like to check it out :)

Developer (3 edits)

@Tophat_Haze: (edit: @StorysingerGames)
Thank you for taking the time to play and write a comment!
You've given me some very valuable points to think about.

The lack of "real" branching was a conscious choice, partly to limit the amount of content I need to create, but mostly because I did want to instill a sense of hopelessness, that everything you try fails.
But I see that this resulted in more frustration than I intended.

I'm thinking about ways to convey the intended feeling without creating this effect of choices you make being "ignored" by the game.
I might make an improved and longer version in the future, and I'll definitely take this feedback into account.

Once again, thanks for your feedback and sorry that it was frustrating for you :)


But then, there's the ending. Uninstall the app, or don't? I chose not to, just to see what would happen. I expected some sort of bad ending. Then, my choice isn't acknowledged AGAIN, and I have to delete it.

The final line: "What was this day going to be like? I was about to find out." Well, main character, I expect it'll be like every other day-- where you try to do something but are railroaded into doing only certain things. But hey, maybe it won't be. Hopefully.

I think you were trying to emphasize the main character's bad luck, but it didn't work-- I just felt like there were a whole bunch of choices that did nothing. It's very frustrating, and it didn't result in a game I enjoyed.




This game is very linear. Yes, there are choices, but you're forced on to do certain things seemingly no matter what you do. This is shown as early as the beginning of the game, when the app tells me to skip work. So, I chose to skip work. But then, I can't do that and have to go to work no matter what. Ok, fine; it's only a minor thing. Ok, fine.

Then, there's the choice to take a taxi or the bus, so I chose taxi. But then, I'm forced to take the bus because the taxi doesn't stop for some reason. Why is this? If I make a choice, it should be acknowledged, not ignored as I'm forced into taking the bus for what seems like no actual reason.

Then, on the bus, there's the choice to pay with cash or debit, and because your debit isn't working, you have to pay with cash. My choice is once again ignored.