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A visual essay on gay experience.
What will we find 30 years, 522 days later...
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Video games and the End of the Enlightenment
grotesque monsters from final fantasies i've played
Visual Essay about Hotels
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A visual essay about horror games, houses and the things living inside them.
My entry for the Visual Essay Jam
a visual essay on the weapons created by gaia in final fantasy vii
Some thoughts on the shapes of game architecture
A #VisuEssayJam PDF/slideshow
Visual Essay Jam Entry for Bioshock Infinite
Visual essay on The Labyrinth of Time (1993).
A visual essay that looks at connections between representations of turmoil across different media.
a visual essay about IF formats
visual essay jam thing
My entry for the Visual Essay Jam
done for visual essay jam
Visual Essay Jam 2017
A meditation on gully cricket and video games
A visual essay about Nier's existential dimensions.