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Need Ideas? We've got you covered! Sticky

A topic by Lafolie created Nov 04, 2020 Views: 113
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Stuck with finding an idea that fits the harsh limits? Here's 5 starting points to help you get going:

  1. Make something small.  Small and simple is great to get the hang of the limits. Once you're done, go for something bigger; multiple entries are encouraged!
  2. Try something new! Never done tetris? A shooter? A puzzler? Give it a go!
  3. Try to demake something! Be ambitious, see how you can adapt and compromise a game that you love.
  4. Be daring! Try to implement something that pushes the boundaries, that nobody has done before. Abuse the language! Learn something new! Go for it!
  5. Try out a random generator! Fellow PICO8'er Tom Hall has you covered - he made a cart just for this.

Don't forget that you can browse all the entries for previous jams right here on itch, and you can search the hashtag on twitter to see things old and new.

Happy jamming!